What are CryptoNineties?

CryptoNineties are the freshest generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain! 


We create a parody from the 90´s pop culture to take advantage of your innocent nostalgia.

Since April 2021 we will be delivering weekly batches of CryptoNineties until complete 1,000!!

Adopt yours!!.


Each Nineties is a unique nostalgic digital collage art work inspired in 90´s pop culture generated in a 2:3 mp4 format. Carefully crafted from 6 characters with diferent styles, properties, and animated in 5 different stages. A few are super rare and some of them even includes a physical garment from the collection!



It take time to create one of this cuties, so there will be a extremely limited supply of 1000, and the pricing follows a strategy curve detailed below. 

The value of your nostalgia 

Why would you care to purchase one of this beautiful digital crafted pieces of nostalgia art?...

Well... let me tell you about the purchase curve strategy we have that will make increase the value of your CryptoNineties.

As you already now, it will exists only 1000 CryptoNineties! and the firsts batches will have the lowest price and so on each new batch will increase the price. Some of them will include a unlockable features so they can have a special auction sale.


#0001 - #0005:    Reserved for Special Auctions.

#0005 - #0010:    Reserved for the team members. 

#0011 - #0030:     0.04 ETH

#0031 - #0050:     0.08 ETH

#0051 - #0100:     0.16 ETH 

#0051 - #0100:     0.22 ETH

#0101 - #0300:     0.32 ETH

#0301 - #0500:     0.64 ETH

#0501 - #1000:     1.00 ETH


So the scarcity and the collectible design value will increase with the time!

About us

We are already the freshest streetwear fashion brand that loves collabs with several visual artists and now we are introducing our aesthetic in form of dopes NFT´s !!  (You will find every Nft character wearing our dope gear)

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